Brand Cialis vs Tadalafil // Brand Levitra vs Vardenafil

Brand Cialis vs Tadalafil – Is there any difference between the two?

Cialis is an erectile dysfunction medication that is one of the latest innovations when compared to viagra. Hence it acts faster and lasts longer than other ED pills. Many claim that this pill promoted spontaneity in their sexual life. But with the passing of time many generic versions of this ED pill came to the market. Is there any difference between the two? Read on to know more about it.

How generic Tadalafil came into existence

After the introduction of the brand-name drug, many people have seen excellent effects and enjoyed long lasting erections with this pill. Upon consumption, this pill lasted about 36 hours hence this pill supports any sexual activity that happens in the duration of these 36 hours. Naturally many companies were eager to cash in to the efficiency of the pill. But the brand name owns the rights to manufacture this pill exclusively. This is made possible with the help of a patent. When the patient nears expiration, other manufacturers can request permission to manufacture the same pill with their own touch and give it a special feature if they wish to. Hence some make it in a jelly form instead of tablet form and some give their own flavor to the pill. So this is reason why there are both generic and brand name versions of Cialis currently present in the market.

Brand Cialis vs Tadalafil – Similarities


Both generic and brand formulations must fulfill the quality standards. To be approved by the FDA, even generic form of this erectile dysfunction medication must have same route of administration, performance, precautions and side effects. In other words, the generics must have same the effect as their branded counterparts. So both the versions can facilitate an erection within 15 to 20 minutes of consumption. And both of them must be consumed orally.

Before they can be put up for sale all the generic drugs are tested and approved by the respective health bodies in each country.

So when it comes to the quality factor both these versions are on par with each other. Moreover, the generic company must also follow the same manufacturing standards as the brand-name company.

Chemical composition

The chemical composition of both these versions is also similar because they have the same active ingredient tadalafil in them. But they might have different binding agents which make these versions vary in physical composition. But these substances or binding agents are also subjected to a review process before being approved. Even though the inactive ingredients are different it still works the same way in the body because the chief ingredient is still the same.

Brand Cialis vs Tadalafil – Differences


The single most factor that serves to spotlight the generic version is its cost. The price of Tadalafil is 50 % lower than that of Cialis. This is due to the obvious fact that generic companies do not have to expend vast amounts of money for marketing and development purposes. There are merely copies of the real thing with slight modifications. Generic versions are more easily available through online pharmacies rather than neighborhood stores.


Generic version of this ED medication comes in different forms such as oral jelly, orally disintegrating capsules and super active. The orally jelly is made to cater to people who have difficulty in swallowing a capsule. And the jelly form also come in different flavors such as strawberry or mint, so as provide a nice experience for users who consume the medicine. But the brand-name however only comes in the tablet form and there is not much variation to it.

Brand Levitra vs Vardenafil – A brief Overview

Erectile Dysfunction, commonly known as male impotency, has become a growing problem in many men these days. This could be due to a number of reasons including genetic factors. The increased pressure in the work space in the internet generation has given rise to a sedentary lifestyle that make many men become impotent. Further, food in the current days come in hybrid varieties as they are being injected with many chemicals for faster growth which do not seem to be much healthy when compared to the olden days. Genes do play a role in deciding the impotency in a person. All these factors together make a man fall prey to the impotent factor giving rise to erectile dysfunction. When a man finds it difficult to get a strong erection, he might not experience a full satisfaction of his sexual life thus giving birth to unnecessary conflicts between the partners and developing an unhealthy relationship among the duo. So how does one treat or fix this ED problem? Is there really a way out? This article helps a man to efficiently address erectile dysfunction by taking Levitra or Vardenafil after thoroughly learning the differences between both.

Brand Levitra vs Vardenafil – Comparison in detail

The generic name of the brand counterpart is Vardenafil and both work efficiently in treating the erectile dysfunction disorder in men, thereby enabling them to achieve a strong erection during sexual intercourse. Physicians across the globe prescribe these medications primarily for the treatment of Erectile Dysfunction and the drugs have found to produce great outcomes. Levitra works by relaxing the muscles found in the walls of blood vessels, thus increasing the blood flow towards the penis. Vardenafil is a phosphodiesterase type 5 (PDE5) inhibitor and works in the similar way as that of its brand counterpart by increasing the blood flow to the male reproductive organ when there is sexual stimulation. A common characteristic of both these pills for ED is that they work in men only when there is sexual excitement or stimulation. When a man is sexually aroused, the pill helps them to achieve and get a strong erection and perform the intercourse successfully without any distress or noticing any failure in erection.

Brand Levitra vs Vardenafil – Thinking which one is better?

Well, now that you are suffering from severe erectile dysfunction, you may want a quick fix result to notice a major change in erection when you want to have sex. But you get relaxed over the issue as both the pills work equivalently and yield you an awesome result. The major difference between both formulations could be due to their inactive ingredients. The generic constituent comprises of few inactive ingredients except for the chief active ingredient in the medicine. This is due to the patent acquired from the brand trademark, after which the pill is made with added ingredients to differentiate from the trade name. If you want to take any of these pills, it is better you consult your physician before you proceed to take the drug for yourself. The dosage strength for every individual differs as everybody has different tolerance towards the pill.

How should you take these Erectile Dysfunction medications?

Both brand Levitra and its generic constituent can be taken by mouth, usually an hour before sexual activity. The pills work only if there is sexual arousal in men. On consumption of the pill, you can get a strong erection. The pill is not recommended for use more than once a day and each dosage should be allowed a gap of 24 hours. In case your erection lasts longer than four hours or if you have a painful erection, contact your health care professional immediately to seek emergency guidance.