Ways to Ensure Safety in Nursing Homes

People who work in facilities that care for the elderly are prone to injuries. Yes, this is a fact. They are subject to harm brought about by ergonomics issues and lifting-related incidents. Not only this, they are susceptible to communicable diseases as well as slips and falls.

Since it is very important to care for seniors living in nursing homes, such as Peverel Court Care, administrators need to ensure that their facility is safe for their staff. This lessens the amount of absences due to work-related injuries. So, how exactly is this achieved? Check the suggestions listed below.

Protection against blood-borne pathogens

Some of the tasks that nursing home employees carry out expose them to blood. Employers should have an exposure plan in place to minimise unwanted results due to needle accidents or mishaps caused by sharp objects. In case a staff member meets an incident, there should be recommended steps to minimise the damage caused by the exposure. This includes medical evaluation, complete documentation of the accident, and administration of prophylaxis.

Protection against ergonomics-related injuries

What is ergonomics in the first place? Well, this involves designing equipment that helps prevent any serious injuries to a worker. This extends beyond that and may include work-related practices. Nursing aides are tasked with bathing, feeding, and dressing the elderly. Each of these jobs can result in injury. This is why an action plan has to be in place to prevent or at least minimise these accidents.

How is this done?

One, employers should provide adequate training to ensure that their workers know how to perform their tasks properly. They may also provide devices that assist with handling patients.

Protection against communicable diseases

Tuberculosis (TB) is a common ailment among the elderly. People who work in nursing facilities are, therefore, at high risk for acquiring this disease because they are constantly exposed to affected people. One of the best ways to reduce exposure is to provide respirators.


The health and safety of nursing home employees is important. These aspects help them do their jobs better as well as minimise the chances of contracting diseases.